Smyth came in for a ‘Bukh’ this evening. He says there is quite a chance of the Division, 109th and 108th Brigade going into the line next week, to relieve 4th Division. It was to be decided last night. The Ordnance Officer thinks it probable. On the other hand they have let Griffiths go away on ten days’ leave today. Savage goes on Sunday. Bob Maxwell is back. I believe these Field Days are the General’s way of testing C.O.s. When every commanding officer has been out in command of a side they will cease. I shall do Umpire and let ‘At.’ command the eight companies. Rivy full of pessimistic views from G.H.Q. if we don’t beat them this autumn the war will go on for years. France cannot last beyond the summer. Our casualties at Loos four times the Huns. We are using a second room here as ante room and find it very cosy. Berry is acting Mess President, and ordered toast with great glee!

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