The Primate, Sir J. Stronge, and Cavan turned up for Parade Service. P. walked round and talked to each officer; did not preach a good sermon; very disappointing. I thought Padre far better; Sir J. came on to lunch; seemed astounded to see how well all the men looked. Luckily beautifully fine up to 2.00 p.m., when cold fog came on. I asked Cavan after Edgar Lambert [sic]. He said he’d tried France but was too old, and had gone to Egypt, I think. Heard from Going. He came out in July, and in August went to Ypres where he had been till a few weeks ago, when they were sent out of the line to near G.H.Q. to rest. Casualties—10 Officers, 275 men. Primate and J.S. stay till next Saturday, when J. returns home, and P. passes on to Pulteney, 16th Division and 107th Brigade for a week, I believe.

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