A busy day, tho’ the Primate never came. He has got hung up at Folkestone, owing to submarines. Fergie says a pal Quartermaster of his, at Dover, told him we had got two Hun subs (taken one and sunk one), and that he saw the taken one at Dover, one of their newest, whose machinery had gone wrong and could neither move nor sink. Our new Corps Commander insists on training being carried out, so we are to begin on Monday with company training, and then two weeks brigade and division training; after that, about the middle of March, we are to go into the line, relieving the VII Corps. Cavan, I believe, is excellent, but it’s quite impossible to build huts and do regular company training at the same time. Our men have been at it for 18 months. We have also to find officers for the New Armies. At present I have 10 officers away on duties, leaving one Captain and one Sub [subaltern] with each company! I am to dine at Div. H.Q. on Friday, to meet the Primate.

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