Spender full of rumour about the British taking over French bit between 2nd and 3rd Armies, which up to now they (the French) have always opposed. If we do, we shall go up into that bit of line, but when I don’t know. Failing that, or till that, we shall stay here making huts and such like rot. Lovely day, turned colder to-night, and blowing hard. Brig. has a sort of Field Day to-morrow for officers, no men—a trench attack—ought to be instructive. Staff grouse at their poor quarters. I told then it’s time they did a little roughing it. Got in 1-cwt yesterday. Nugent came round this morning when I was out, Cather took him to the bombing, but he was in a hurry. Griffith came yesterday. Am sending Scott out to ‘A’ Company, as medical adviser. He is still waiting orders. The Havre journey home and out is a nightmare.

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