Captain G J Bruce

Captain G J Bruce

This a.m. I rode over to the village Ensor is improving, about 7½ miles away. Found him rather forlorn. The rest of his company went to him today, and I luckily struck the C.R.E. [Commander Royal Engineers] there and squared things for him, so I hope now he will be all right. Griffiths came here in my absence and wandered round laundry, recreation rooms, etc. I believe he was quite pleased with everything. A constant drizzle all day. Don’t notice much lengthening of days yet at either end. George Bruce has been made G.S.O. in Richardson’s place. I’m very glad, as I’m convinced he’s a Staff brain. The Brigade were foolish to miss him. I tried hard to get Griffith to forward application to promote Fergie Captain, but he wouldn’t. He said he had already tried one case and been refused by the Div. Fear it’s no good. They say it would be very hard on Regular Qr. Masters, many of whom have been out since beginning of war, and have a good deal of commissioned service—I quite see the point.

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