Rode out today to see if I could get any coal—can’t get any from A.S.C. [Army Service Corps] A problematic 9 cwt a week for 1,000 men! I bought 1,200 lbs. this p.m. for 42 francs, not too dear, but double what they charged a week ago. They have posted two officers from G.H.Q. School for Officers to join on 30th. I wonder what they will be like. Pratt very keen about his coffee shop. A fine a.m. turned to rain all p.m. Laundry and baths going strong. The rest of ‘A’ Company go off to-morrow, about 10 miles from here, to build huts, etc. Got four waggon loads of coke today for 120 francs. It only lasts a week in the laundry. It takes 7 braziers going night and day in the drying room to dry the clothes.

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