The plum puddings have come, also 5,000 cigarettes from someone. Tomorrow we have a Brig. route march, about 12 miles. All our animals are being tested for glanders. We are in danger of repletion, with all the food we have got to eat. Fergie got two turkeys, one goose and one ham for each platoon! The housing and seating is progressing. Adjutant found a friendly Sapper in Ab_____ [Abbeville] who is sending us planks, etc., for forms and tables, and is shipping them out in a motor lorry. The cinema show is to start on Xmas day at H.Q., and I hear each Battalion is to have a couple of days. Wonder when it will reach us. Fergie and Padre have drawn up a platoon football league, which I hope will make playing more general thro’ the Batt. not merely 11 men playing and the rest looking on.

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