Don’t believe yarn of our leaving France, but of course everything is possible. I hear H.P. has got a Res Bde. 12th tell me their Tinned Milk Fund has been converted into getting extra vegetables for the men. They are most needed. Am keeping and feeling very fit, and sleeping splendidly. Five messages came in last night from 9.00 p.m. to 2.30 a.m. saying Zep. [Zeppelin] had been sighted near Ypres, then Armentieres, annoying, as we could do nothing here anyway. Had to meet Brigadier at 12 this morning. New scheme of building a hut to hold 1,500 men for the cinema, and a central recreation room for the 12th and ourselves. Old Craig, R.E., has to build it and we have to supply the men. Tommy rot! The Maire has struck as to letting us have any more barns, and reported to G.H.Q., who sent down a French Officer. I shall do nothing except with a written order. They are capable of making you get them and then turning on you for improperly taking barns! I’m delighted the Maire has struck. More long rigmaroles in about at once preparing a mobilization scheme in case of a sudden move being ordered. I don’t think any move in contemplation, but of course it may come any way. At present, notwithstanding worried from above, we are very comfortable here. The beds here have all (word illegible) mattresses, great luxury! And then the men are more comfortable than they have been yet.

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