Second Lieutenant A Seggie

Second Lieutenant A Seggie

I shall send Shillington. We are living very well. I don’t think we ought to get more luxuries from F. and M. [Fortnum & Mason] We really don’t want them. G.O.C. [General Officer Commanding] told me the Battalion had a good report from the trenches, but I fancy nothing is coming round. Don’t want books, barely time for papers. A youth, Seggie, by name from 3rd Battalion, at Buncrana, arrived today to join. Was in Public School Battalion with Cather. Sent here by D.A.G. Base; curious. He says 7th and 8th Battalions did not come out with 16th Division. Their Brigade was kept back, not being sufficiently trained. Fine today and colder. We had service outside. Padre gave us a splendid sermon. He always does. They ask today for a Sub. [subaltern] to train as a Staff Captain. I have suggested Brew, not having a Sub.


49th Brigade, which included 7th and 8th Royal Irish Fusiliers arrived in France to join the rest of 16th (Irish) Division in February 1916.

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