The new Brigadier sent for C.O.’s today and had a long talk on training, interior economy, etc. Pouring wet a.m., drenching showers, fine now. Feel sure we shall move soon.

Lieutenant J E Gibson

Lieutenant J E Gibson

Such torrential rain this a.m., that there was a foot of water in the village street! Yes, I think the discipline of the Battalion is improved and is improving out here. The spirit of ‘sticking it’ is becoming more prevalent, greatly fostered by the Padre. For instance it is the boast of ‘D’ Company that one of their platoons, all Monaghan countrymen, have never had a man fall out on the march since we came to France. Gibson commands the platoon, and Sgt. Hughes is platoon Sgt. He is excellent. The N.C.O’s have been changed from their own company localities, whenever possible, and it has always answered, tho’ met with much opposition, and even tears in some cases. An excellent letter from Jimmy Shepherd to George Calvert.

We have plenty of games and books for recreation room now. Fuel is getting a difficulty, there’s a scarcity of coal, and it has been reduced. At the same time these baths and laundry operations entail a much increased consumption. Drying the washed clothes is a great difficulty. The Battalion would do splendidly with a young energetic regular who know this warfare and could train the men to it.

The Division are buying a cinema apparatus to travel round the battalions. The General asked me if I had a good business man, knowledgeable about electricity, to go to Paris to buy dynamos, etc., I suggested Lutton. An officer is also to go on a short tour to various H.Q.’s Base, Parks, etc., to see how the Army is worked, and to impart the knowledge on return.

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