General Nugent turned up here today, very smiling, “There is more discipline in the little finger of any man in the Ulster Division than in a Company of Regulars,” is what he said, and I think he is right. He said the Brigade had got a very good report again from the trenches. Young Stronge in Royal Scots came to lunch. In charge of details at Abbeville. Visited other Coys billets this a.m. Quite satisfactory. Reading room going well: have bought four good cheap oil lamps in Abbeville. Fergie has found tables, forms, chairs, and heaps of newspapers keep coming in. Today three large bales arrived containing 378 pair socks, 300 writing pads and pencils, 11 mufflers. Simply splendid, and they have now been distributed. Padre is writing a letter to four local papers, of thanks, etc., and I put a notice in Battalion Orders—‘Parcels, containing etc., have been received from County Armagh Committee for providing comforts to 9th, and have been distributed to Coys.’ Heavy rain again last night. The country is fearfully holding. Rode out with Pratt and Adjt. to look for suitable drill grounds and rifle range. A very comfy bed here and I sleep well.

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