A nice village. H.Q. in a Notary’s house, quite good, but cold; good kitchen, and beds for six of us; the best we have met with yet. Bitterly cold night and day; looks like more snow. This place was left filthy by a lot in New Div. just out from home. We are now getting it in order. The whole house, which you can see is new and spotless in peace time, was covered with dirt, tins, paper and filth—too bad! Madame the Notary came here today and was very distressed. We consoled her with assurances we were not like that! Windy day this. Sanitary work and settling down till tea. We had open air service this morning, and I insisted on reading Eccles, xii., as we couldn’t have Service last Sunday. A piercing N.E. [north east] wind has got up, looks like snow. Have to send a fatigue party of three officers and 100 men to be at railway—3½ miles from here, at 4.00 a.m.

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