Lieutenant General Sir Walter Congreve VC

Lieutenant General Sir Walter Congreve VC

Got back here R_____ [Ribeaucourt] after 17 ½ mile march, about 3.00 p.m. Very cold with snow showers and bitter wind. Off again tomorrow to B_____ [Bellancourt], about 10 miles due west of this place. Redmond was only 1½ miles from us at M_____ _____ [Mailly-Maillet]. We were the Battalion he referred to next the Dublins.

Congreve, V.C., commands the XIII Corps. Fearful rush here arranging for move. I walked about 9 miles of the march today, it was so bitter riding. Yes, I fancy plenty of ammunition. Gunners blazing away all day. Snow boots doing well. Any working party at night is risky, as the opposite side invariably spray a bit with M.G. on the chance of catching some party working at something on top.



John Redmond visited France in November 1915 and spent three days on a wide-ranging tour of various headquarters and units, including a number of Irish battalions. A diary of his visit may be found here.

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