Fine day, but foggy and very raw. Brigadier Gen. round this a.m. and Lambton, who commands this Div., turned up about lunch time and we gave him lunch. I walked with him to the confines of the trenches afterwards. I suppose this was his inspection, on which he will found his report. Not much value, I fear. There was a certain amount of bomb [grenade] throwing by the Huns last night, on our right at a patrol of the 8th R.I.R. [Royal Irish Rifles] No damage, I believe, otherwise very quiet night. A sniper has established himself in front, about 200 yards from us, we think, but we cannot locate him. I paid a visit to 1st Battalion this p.m. They are on our left. Found the Adjt. and another Sub. [subaltern] in; paid my respects to them on behalf of the 9th Battalion and had a talk. We go out tomorrow evening to some billets, and then off on a ‘long trek’ again; where to I know not. Our fire absolutely refuses to burn, in spite of all our efforts. Had a very comfy night. Went round trenches about 9.00–11.00, and had a long doss. Have walked a lot today, and am feeling very tired. A M.G. [machine gun] strafe beginning now.

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