Major J G Brew

Major J G Brew

No means of posting, or getting letters, Monday or Tuesday. Heavy march in here, 12 miles in snow, yesterday. Transport took 8 hours. Men and horses cooked. Rum ration. In different billets. Tomorrow we take over trench line as a Battalion—two companies here and two companies [and] H.Q. in trenches. Don’t know for how long. Have had no letters since Sunday. I believe a five-day mail comes in this p.m. All well, save for Brew, internal chill, and Allen. Just seen Willie Strong, who is Brigadier R.A. [Royal Artillery] this Div. Came in here to see me. Looking very well, but snow-white hair. W. Stirling here in command of R.A. and S. Gosling, Major, commanding a Battery. Dined with latter. Have to be off in 15 minutes to look round trenches we take over tomorrow p.m. I don’t know how long we shall be in. All sorts of rumours about. This is a weird billet. Pratt, Adjt. and I in one room. I in the mess room, and the kitchen next door. No tables or chairs. Lovely sunny day. Snow still lying. We take over from Brigadier of 10th Bde., under whom we go, knows both Pratt and Fergie. Rather rushed. Writing on floor, while others are eating! We are going in a very quiet bit of line, and I am living in a dug-out. Much more comfy that this billet, I expect.

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