5.00 p.m. Just in after 17½ miles. Heavy snow in early a.m., 2-inches to 3-inches on road. Very bad for horses and heavy for men. Start and first 6 miles very trying. Transport jibbing and falling. Men handling wagons. Snowing at times. We then got on to level road; sun came out and things were all right. Men marched in here at 4.15 p.m. splendidly. We had dinner half-way, cooked in cookers. Padre and Berry splendid, helping transport, driving wagons, handling wheels, and cheering on the men. We brought everyone in, thanks to them, with the Battalion. This is where we billeted before going up to trenches, where Pratt, Adjt. and I were in one room. Much better billets this time. I have a room and bed. We start at 9.00 a.m. tomorrow. French troops here also. Delay in post caused by submarine in Channel I hear.

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