Lovely day. Church in the barn at 10.00 a.m. Padre had mustered an efficient choir, which made much difference to heartiness of service. The broadsheets here. Padre says men like them very much. I fancy they are a little above the head of some men. It’s no use sending out old dailies. Some people are sending Halahan weeks old papers; pure waste. Padre is simply excellent. He moves round the men, runs the reading room, and literature is invaluable. He never intrudes in any way. On a march he is worth a wagon with the stragglers. He and Berry will have their work cut out tomorrow, I fear. Meat lozenges still going well and half-a-box in hand. We had your wet weather on Friday. Hope it will be fine tomorrow. Bull is off on leave, and is trying to get 1st R.I.F. Kentish has been made Commandant, School of Instructions at St. Omer. C. Clarke comes as Staff Captain, I believe. I had to send Reid to Havre as an Instructor of Reinforcements. I was sorry for him: it seems ridiculous to call on front line units to find instructors, when there are plenty at home dying to come out. We all continue fit and well. I’m thankful to say. Two more cases of appendicitis, from eating green apples, Berry says; one of tuberculosis. The waste of war has begun without wound casualties. Letters for the next few days will be irregular. Tomorrow I doubt being able to post a letter, and the next day the same, but by Wednesday we ought to have settled down all right and the post sorted itself. Breakfast 6.15 a.m. tomorrow in the dark. Snow is our Army Corps Commander. He came out in command of 4th Div. Frank Lyon is his G.S.O.1. Hastings Anderson is on either his Staff or 3rd Army staff.

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