Another wet day. I suppose the weather has broken. Just like last year. It was yesterday, last year, we moved from Clandeboye to Belfast. A cheerful prospect for the march tomorrow. To start men off on a 17 mile march is madness! Stating Brigade and Div. make no differences in time of receipt of letters. I fancy the order was issued in case Battalions or Brigades were detached.


Well, our move is postponed, and we don’t move now until Monday at 7.00 a.m. for P_____ [Puchevillers]. Next day two Companies to C_____C [Colincamps], and two Companies to M_____Y [Mailly-Maillet]. Who should turn up this p.m., but Holt. He is Div. Cavalry to 3rd Div., now resting. Got an opportunity of a car and came down to H.Q., and Farnham brought him over to see me. Looking so well, full of buck, and enjoying himself. Been up near Wipers [Ypres] for some time. Hope to be able to get boots for the men whose boots are done (about 80) before we move now. I rather dread the two marches—first 17 miles, and next day 12 miles. Glad we are staying on. We shall get mail, double dose, tomorrow, instead of it pursuing us, and our getting four days at once.

I see the Huns put 80 high explosives into our last trench place yesterday. The ‘Downs’ go there. The 1st R.I.F. are at Mailly, so we may see them. The men like going back to the trench line. This sort of playing at soldiers—Div. Field Days, and digging latrines, etc., is making them discontented, so I’m glad we’re going.


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