We are to go into the 4th Div. lot of trenches, near Mailly [Mailly-Maillet], I think. We are ordered to March 17 miles on Sunday, and 12 Monday. The men can’t do it, and I’ve represented it pretty strongly. I don’t know what the outcome will be. Anyhow, after tomorrow, till we are settled in the trench line, my letters will be scrappy and uncertain. Such a wild wet day. We went to the rendezvous, and then came home. Scrambling to get men fitted with boots. Such a lot have gone altogether. Fergie says we have 3,400 sandbags. They will all be wanted. Much warmer this evening, but windy all day, tho’ it doesn’t seem to be a windy place. Practically had none to bother about since we came out.

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