Lovely morning, fresh and bright. Chickens here at 5 francs each. Reading room was crowded last night. Light was bad, but tried to get acetylene gas lamp but failed. How about lanterns or lamps? Hope very much to get the extra veg. and potatoes, 5 days a week, instead of cheese. Saw Elkington today, looking much better after his nine days at home. Cheery as usual.

9:30 p.m. Brigade Major came in just before dinner to say a telephone message had come from Div. H.Q. that we were to start for the trenches again on Sunday, a bother as we have been spending much time and labour in making these billets comfortable for the men. To go in for a fortnight and then come back here is the idea; very upsetting this moving about. If we could only settle down to a regular trench line we could be comfortable. However, here it is and it’s no use grumbling. My kit will be heavy. Shall have to leave something behind, I expect. Raining hard tonight.

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