Maconachie Ration

Maconachie Ration

Col. Bull, who has come to command the 12th R.I.R., started in Leinsters and went into Irish Fus. You ask about food—Well, breakfast: tinned salmon kedgeree, or ditto fish, cakes, eggs and bacon, Cooper’s marmalade, tea, fresh milk and butter. Lunch—1.00 p.m.: mince or stewed beef, stewed apples, cream and sugar. Dinner—7.00 p.m.: soup, beef or Maconachy [sic] ration, stewed prunes or apples, and coffee. Quite good, but little variety. Called at 7.00; breakfast, 8.00; parade, 9.00 to 1.00; bed, 9.30 to 10.00.

There is a fearful amount of rum in the village. I think the houses have it. Their lives, doing Field Punishment, are not pleasant. I have got a new Provost [Regimental Police] Sergeant who hots ‘em well. Betsy Jane had got so wooly that she was clipped today and looks very smart. She is under cover, in a barn (in fact, Stronge has all the transport animals under a roof), and has a good warm blanket. The mail doesn’t leave till about 2.00 p.m. Had a bath this evening. Plum pudding and caviar for dinner. I have Cather training as an understudy to Adjt. Raining steadily to-night. I have asked the Padre to write a short weekly note to ‘Armagh Guardian’, as to our doings. Tiger’s woolly is invaluable.

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