Sir Edmund Allenby

Sir Edmund Allenby

Having Service in barn, and Communion in Schoolhouse.

Pte. Wilson was mending wire in front, with a party at night, when they sprayed with MG on chance and got him. Don’t see much of other battalions. The instant a man is ill he is sent right away. One man has been sent home with appendicitis. Gen. Allenby is acting in command of 3rd Army at present. The Germans have never been as far as this. They came within a mile of our first billets—chez M. le Curé—and a man suspected of spying was taken and tortured and killed. I don’t censor the officers’ letters. I put them on their honour. We have stopped all paper except ‘Times’ and ‘Daily Mail’, as they accumulate so when we were moving, and could not be carried.

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