Captain C H Ensor

Captain C H Ensor

Quiet night after all. We leave in the morn. Our people all coming out of the trench line now, and billet with the reserve tonight, setting off tomorrow morning, and having baths en route. We stay the night at a new place, and on to another place about 12 miles. We’ve had a capital week here, lovely weather and the men have enjoyed themselves. Three shells into far end of the village this a.m., and they’ve been spraying it with M.G. fire this p.m. No casualties. Three of our aeroplanes over the village this p.m., and the Huns fired at them for some time, but no result. I had a long morning round the trenches of the right battalion of the Brigade—with communication trenches, etc. They have eight miles of trenches to keep up! Geoffrey Bishop just got his commission, and Bishop with Reserve Cavalry in England. Adjutant had a sniping shot at a Hun at 800 yards range this morning. He made him move under cover pretty smart, but did not, I think, actually hit him tho’ very close. Poor Serbia seems in a bad way. Nasty blow about Bulgaria. In a way we are more comfy here, as it’s the first place we have managed to get firewood for a fire. A shell dropped near old Ensor in the trenches yesterday, and he dug up the nose of it and is carrying it about—(1 ½ lbs weight)—full of pride. Halahan is a splendid fellow, and Berry excellent, too. Service for Transport today, all the rest of the Battalion in the trenches.

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