Still lovely weather. A fairly quiet day and night, and all well. Today we are going to strafe them with MGs and guns of all sorts. We are not to return to our old billets but go somewhere else near here, I fancy, and take over a bit of the line from some Division gone away. At least that is the rumour. Dined last night with Nicholson. Capital fellow. He told me ours were the best lot he’d had under instruction, which was satisfactory. Had our first casualty last night—Pte. Wilson, ‘C’ Company, flesh wound in arm, rifle bullet.

Col. Balfour commands Royal Artillery. Just had tea with him. He left 18 years ago, and years ago took up Terriers RFA. Lives at Tetbury. Says Dickie is up north in Flanders. Great gunner. Hotham with him. Great strafe on our part, for half an hour, from 3.30 pm. All our guns—howitzers and 6-inch heavies poured in high-explosive shell on the Hun trenches. I watched it with the General from a capital place. Very pretty and accurate shooting. So far no reply at all. We leave here on Monday, I believe, and go behind the line again into safety for some time. Our movements are uncertain, but we move back on Monday. Carson made a fine speech on resignation, one of the best he has ever made. All very fit and well, and now quite into the changed conditions of living.


Sir Edward Carson resigned from the coalition cabinet on on 19 October 1915 over the Government’s policy on military operations in the Balkans. See Hansard.

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