We leave here 26th, and return to our original billets. Been all round another Battalion trenches this morning. Good walk; foggy morning. Am dining with another CO, and going round his trenches tonight. Wonderfully quiet last night, and we all slept like tops, and were most comfortable. Stronge and transport are about 1½ miles away and he comes in for each meal. Fanshawe is Divisional General of this Division, brother of the gunner. Very nice fellow. The mail bags I use as a zareba round my bed to keep off the wind. The first night we were here a working party composed of a few Glo’sters and some of our men, had two shells into them. Two Glo’sters were killed, and two of our men knocked down by the blast, but not touched and quite unhurt. I expect they will write home a useful account!

Second Lieutenant Tom Shillington

Second Lieutenant Tom Shillington

I visited the soldiers’ cemetery. About 30 graves, nicely kept, all with wooden crosses, about four feet in height. While here three of our aeroplanes came over and the Huns opened fire on them. No result, but very pretty to watch the bursting shell very high up. Our howitzers then shelled the Huns over our heads. Pratt and I dine out with Micklem, CO of 1/6th Gloucesters. Was a subaltern in 1st Battalion, Rifle Brigade. Knew Freddy. Wounded in November. Took over Adjutancy of Territorial Battalion and has now got command. After six years’ service!!

7.00 pm. In the middle the Huns fired two shells into the village. One burst in our yard, and one in the next. Pratt, Adjt and I retired to the cellar, but we’re up again now. A joint patrol of our men and the others, with young ‘Shill.’ and another officer, went out last night and met a similar patrol of Huns—result a scrap, in which we bagged one Hun, brought in and heard groans from three others. Our casualties nil, which was very good. Young ‘Shill.’ I hear, was excellent.

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