Adjutant had heavy cold, but rather better now. ‘Downs’ and we had church parade, under Halahan (was Rector of Drumcree, and a delightful man). We paid men 5 francs each, and issued cigs and tobacco. Great fun about alleged shortness of supplies. The General very excited about it, and the Staff generally disturbed. We have not suffered in any way, but some units did. Today we got our first fresh meat ration, and bread.

Major W S S Berry RAMC

Major W S S Berry RAMC

Route marches daily, and one hour’s battalion drill, and musketry daily, besides bombing, sniping, shooting and M.G. [machine gun] firing. Dr. Berry operated on a girl by request of the Curé, and the grateful mother sent us a chicken as a thank-offering. Such a heavenly day.

Heavy firing all this p.m., but it is very faint here. Aeroplanes come over every evening, some very high.

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